What are the components of an online presence?

The Internet is a pretty big place. So as you can perhaps imagine, there are countless possibilities when looking for the potential components of an online presence. If you’re not really sure HOW an Online Presence can benefit your business, we suggest you go back and read our article on the topic of HOW.

However, you don’t need to drive yourself insane trying to wade through all the opportunities. At the end of the day anything is better than nothing and you can add to it or change the components any time you want.

The point is to get started with something.

Having said that, there are also some pretty big playgrounds where it’s probably best for you to start. We’re going to list a few of the majors that we recommend that you get started with and the order in which to get started.

components of an online presenceOur recommended components of an online presence:

  • A website (built yourself, for free using http://Wordpress.com)
  • Start an email list
  • Facebook PAGE (you have to have a personal account first)
  • Twitter
  • Next, Choose one of the following:
    • LinkedIn if you’re more B2B
    • Instagram if you’re more B2C for under 35
    • Pinterest if you’re more B2C for over 35
  • Get social
  • Online communities (these could be FB Groups, niche specific forums, special industry communities)

[two_third_first]So basically we recommend getting 6 components up and running. You can change your mind or add to it later. We also recommend that you get them started one at a time and in this order. There’s no point in trying to do it all at once and causing headaches, stress, or procrastination. Pick away a little bit each day and only move on to the next one once the previous one is fully functioning. By which we mean active and working properly, it doesn’t need to be setting the world on fire yet.

One thing you will come to notice is the ways in which an online presence works together and how each component feeds one another.

[Tweet “An online presence works together and each component feeds one another.”]

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Up next in Fundamentals:

How will I use an online presence to grow my business?

Gain even more with our Facebook Group

To offer the most possible benefit to you on this journey, we’ve also setup a closed Facebook Group that we invite you to join, where you’ll be in a safe and friendly environment, surrounded by supportive people just like you. So go ahead and join our Facebook Group with the link below:

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Get started with right tools!

Every Online Presence needs to have eye-catching images and graphics. But not everyone is a photographer or a graphic designer. Fortunately, we have a solution and the awesome part is that it’s FREE. We’ve put together a free course that will teach you right from step 1 how to use a web-based application called Canva, which is a free tool. This course will make sure that you’re setup for success right from the start and we include some valuable resources on where to get images, completely for free, to get you started without delay.

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