How will I use an online presence to grow my business?

We’ve touched on pieces of how you might use an online presence a bit in previous articles, but let’s take a moment to just visualize the interconnectivity between the different components of your online presence. (Have you missed any of our articles in this series? Check out our archives under Fundamentals.)

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You have a website with a blog section. You post a high value piece of content to your blog once per week.

On each blog post you invite readers to subscribe to your email list so that they don’t miss any of your high value articles. Or maybe you offer them a free bonus if they sign up with their email address.

Each time you post a new piece of content you then share that blog post out to your 3 social media accounts that you’ve got setup. You create multiple share posts with some variety and send it out to your networks numerous times over the course of a month.

use an online presence

[two_third_first]Next you head over to the online community that you’ve joined and you browse through some of the conversations to see if you can offer an opinion or advice on any of them. Maybe your last blog post is relevant to one of these conversations and you can share a link to it.

Finally, you check your notifications to see if anyone has been commenting on any of your posts that you can respond to and engage a little to help further build relationships.

Rinse and repeat.

Now take a moment to ponder each of those steps.

You create one piece of content per week (which is a lot easier than you probably think). You share it out (which should be an automated process). Then you rub elbows for a bit. Realistically this process can take as much or as little time as you want it to.

In a nutshell, this covers a very simple way that you could use an online presence to grow your business.

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