How time consuming is a website to maintain?

Much like building your website in the first place, the question “how time consuming is a website to maintain” is subjective and there are a number of variables.

So for the sake of simplicity, we’re going to answer this question based on a few assumptions. Those being:

  1. You made a plan for your website
  2. You have a specific purpose for your website
  3. You’re intentional about what you’re doing with your website
  4. Your goal is a simple but effective website that provides value

time consuming is a websiteBased on this, you can easily maintain your website daily in about 15-60 minutes. You could also schedule in a weekly block of time if that suits you better.

We do recommend daily or weekly maintenance as opposed to monthly, simply for the reasons of consistency, routine and being proactive.  Things change and stuff happens, so it’s better if you’re in regular contact with it. Also, if you’re learning as you go, you’re more likely to remember the steps better if you’re doing things more often.

Having said that, if you’ve got the hang of it and you’re well organized, then a monthly plan can work as well. But self-discipline will be important. It’s much easier for a month to turn into many months and that’s definitely not good for an active website.

Now this is referring to the day-to-day maintenance. We also recommend that you schedule time for every 3-4 months to do a review of your website. Kind of like a general inspection of your car, just to make sure that everything’s running smoothly. You’ll want to do things like:

  • Run a security scan
  • Run a linker checker
  • Manually go through each “page” and make sure that everything looks good
  • Check some analytics

[two_third_first]You can absolutely do these things more often, and it wouldn’t hurt to do so. But if you’re also staying in tune with your site consistently and if it’s a smaller site, chances are you won’t need to.

For the most part here, we’re referring to the core structure of your site – this is the side of things that most people think they need to hire a web designer for. As we’ll get into down the road, there should also be an active content component of your site and that section has a few more considerations and might take a bit more time, but you control this.

For now, let’s just say that consistency is very important when it comes to website content. So only commit to what you know you can manage. How much you commit to will determine how much time it takes.

If you produce content daily then it will take more  time than if you produce content monthly. Just remember that a website is more about quality and value than it is about quantity. So only commit to do what you know you can do very well.

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As for the actual “maintenance” of your site, it’s no where near as time consuming as most people assume.

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