THIS is what a website should be

Asking the question “What is a website” may seem like a silly question to base an article on, even for non-techies. And perhaps in its most basic sense it would be these days.

what is a websiteHowever, websites come in all shapes and sizes almost literally, so it’s worth taking a little peek at.

See, if you don’t have a website then chances are that you’ve been misled somewhere along the line about what a website is. Or at very least what it is in relation to your business or possibly industry.

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Maybe you’re a clothing store and all you see in the online sector is eCommerce; businesses who have turned their back on the brick and mortar model and primarily (or solely) sell online. And perhaps that makes your blood run cold.

Maybe you’re a plumber and can’t get past the fact that you can’t fix a toilet remotely from the Internet, so what’s the point? It won’t help you get the job done.

Maybe you’re an author with one or more books on Amazon – who gives you a product page and author page. Your bases are covered, right?

Maybe you’re a home-based business with handmade products that you sell at trade shows with no desire to wrestle with the headache of selling online and then having to figure out shipping. Or perhaps you do home parties with products like Usana or Tupperware – the whole point is to get parties happening inside someone’s home with their friends.

And every single one of these examples is absolutely right – when considered from these perspectives.

But today, we’re going to consider a different perspective. And that’s the perspective of marketing and networking NOT selling.

what is a website

Unfortunately when it comes to small businesses, especially ones that are solely owned and operated by one or two people, the concept of marketing and networking is often not a high priority. There’s often valid reasons for that, when considered from the traditional perspective. There is also, quite often, a misunderstanding between marketing and selling – it’s the same thing, right? Definitely not.

You see, “selling” is convincing someone to buy something. Running ads that say “buy this now” (more or less and there’s a zillion ways to deliver that three word message).

“Marketing” is building trust and nurturing relationships, that will gently guide a customer along the path towards making a purchase.

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When your marketing is done right, you won’t ever have to “sell”.

A website, first and foremost, is a marketing tool. Not a selling tool. You will achieve far greater results and long term return if you treat it as such.

And while there are a great many variations and options when it comes to a website, the one that will serve your business best is the one that serves your customers. Treat your website like that cloning machine you’ve been coveting. Allow it to be an extension of YOU and your business and what the combination of you and your business stand for. Use wording on your website as if you were having a personal conversation with ONE customer.

Answer the questions they ask and the ones they don’t ask. Educate them. Give them value. Show them that you care.

Use it as a communication tool to communicate with your customers and stay connected.

There are many small and simple things that you can do with a website that is not focused on selling something, that will have a much greater ROI in the long run than any of your other practices if you make the effort.

THIS is what a website should be.

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what is a website

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