Why do I need a website?

Think of your website as the central head office of your online presence.

Sure you could create an online presence without one, but everything would be segregated and scattered all over the place.

need a website

[two_third_first]You wouldn’t have a clear path and action steps for managing your online presence and customers wouldn’t really know where they should go or what they should do.

When you consider having 6 base components of your online presence, where are you going to tell people to go to get more information?

When you post content in different locations, where is that content going to lead your prospects to?

How are you going to establish consistent communication when only 5-20% of your social media following are going to see any given post you publish?

[Tweet “Without a website, where is your content going to lead your prospects to?”]

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need a websiteThat’s why you need a website. It’s a place to cut through the clutter and noise. It’s a place where things can be organized and logical. It’s a place customers can go to get clear information and answers.

With everything you do, start with your website. Send information out from there, like little worker bees, and have it draw the customers and prospects back to you. Back to the one place where you alone control the flow of information. What, when and how.


Up next in Fundamentals:
How will a website benefit my business?

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