OneNote Introduction

One of the problems that we face as entrepreneurs is becoming overwhelmed by all of the different tasks we have to complete.

But one of the things that can most often be attributed to causing that overwhelm is a lack of organization. Fortunately there are many tools available that we can turn to, to help us combat these problems.

One such tool is Microsoft’s OneNote. This video will walk you through an introduction to OneNote and how it can greatly improve your organize and thus reduce overwhelm.

OneNote is my primary go-to tool for keep track of everything I’m doing. I hope it can help you too.

Download OneNote:
Chrome Extensions:
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One response to “OneNote Introduction”

  1. […] I’ve shared walk-throughs of a couple of other tools such as OneTab and OneNote to help with reducing overwhelm and staying organized. But rarely does one or two tools cover all […]


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