It’s a techie jungle out there

There is so much information out there, free and paid, talking about building an email list, getting more traction with Facebook, getting more customers, making more money, how to do it fast and so on.

But let’s face it, if you don’t have a website with an email collection system, content, lead magnets, social media accounts and a scheduler – all setup, interconnected, and functioning – then learning how to use FB ads, or improve the performance of your FB Page posts, or nailing SEO, or even creating content, isn’t going to be of much use. It’s like putting the cart before the horse.

I’ve seen it countless times where an entrepreneur, who isn’t techie, sees some awesome program for “growing their business” and they think “hey maybe that’s what my business needs” – only to jump in to what is more the middle of the journey, and not really have a clue on what is being talked about, never mind how to implement it.

My favourites are the gurus teaching some advanced online strategy who say “this is easy, anyone can do it, don’t worry about the tech side, it’s no big deal”.

techieUmmm really? Have they ever worked with a true “non-techie”?

Do they understand the level of stress and anxiety that a non-techie gets when they’re faced with clicking a button and they have no idea what the result will be?

You see, being “techie” doesn’t actually mean that you instinctively know “how” to use technology. It means that you’re willing to venture into the unknown. No one “knows” what a button will do once you click it and the only way to find out is to click on it.

But what if it’s a scam? What if I get a virus on my computer? What if it does something weird that I don’t understand? What if I break the Internet?

These are things that go through the minds of true “non-techies”…. Not the people who claim that they’re not good with technology but it was easy even for them.

But see, they want you to buy their product and they do know that fear of technology is a barrier, a limiting belief, so they down play it. They make it feel less important than it actually is.

But they don’t actually understand the barrier. It’s not the technology that’s scary, it’s the unknown. It’s the “what if” of potential consequences if something goes wrong. It’s the fear of doing something wrong and wasting time and money. It’s the fear of failure.

We see teenagers run circles around us when it comes to technology… BUT we’re the adults. We’re the ones with more experience and knowledge. So how inadequate are we going to feel if we just can’t wrap our head around what they make seem so easy.

Well my goal, in its entirety, is to erase those limiting beliefs. Come hang out with me in our Facebook Group called Getting Going Online and let’s start busting some myths. You’ll be a clicking maniac in no time!!

If you don’t already have a personal Facebook account, then leave a comment or send an email to and let me know, I’m happy to help you get started.

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