Who are we?

Panoptic Foundations was established after recognizing a need for providing clear training for people to learn how to Build, Use, and Grow their online presence – in a way that’s affordable and simple to do.

Build it, Use it, Grow it, Savour it

Yeah sounds great right?! (Shall we break it down into English now?)(Caveat: I’m in Canada, I spell with a mix of UK and US spellings, but mostly UK, just saying.)

Whether you’re an author, or a small business owner (products or services), or you’re starting your first ever online business… if you’re not already familiar, confident, comfortable and knowledgable with technology I can pretty much guarantee that one of the following thoughts has crossed your mind (maybe even more than one).

1. I can’t afford it, there’s too much to buy to get setup, or I’d have to hire someone.

2. I’m useless with technology, I don’t stand a chance of being able to figure this out.

3. I don’t have the patience to deal with the headaches and frustrations.

4. I am so incredibly busy, I don’t have the hours available to even think about it.

But here’s the thing, you’re currently reading this page for a reason.

Either a small part of you is whispering “what if”, or someone tied you to a chair and said “for the love of all things good will you just read this!”

Either way, I’m good with it – you’re here, that’s what really matters.

But frankly, you’ve got the easy part, now I’ve got to figure out how to convince you that:

1. You can afford it.

2. You are capable of doing it.

3. It won’t result in you ripping your hair out.

4. It won’t take any more of your time than you want.

But before I can even do that, I need to explain what exactly IT is… and I’m already pushing the limit on your attention span, because, well, we’re human beings and since studies tell us that the average adult attention span is a huge 8 seconds… it must be true… right?

Since were not riding a bucking bronc here – I can tell you that 8 seconds will not drag on and feel like forever.


But hey, stick with me here… and since there’s a good chance that you’re tied to a chair right now, we just might be ok.

Panoptic Foundations

Online Presences

Panoptic – means to see the whole in one view – think bird’s eye – big picture.

Foundation – is what absolutely, positively EVERYTHING that ever gets built needs to have.

Is the combination of everything that you have and do online. But to narrow it down a bit, you’d typically include a website, a social media presence, some content, and perhaps some ads.

See how those tie together? Pretty clever right?

My Perspectives…

Ok, so now the big question… Do you need an Online Presence?

The simple answer is YES. But that doesn’t tell you why. So let me tell you why. 

There are over 3.5 billion active users on the Internet – I can guarantee that some of them have gone (or will go) looking for you and they haven’t been able to find anything useful. So you’re missing opportunities.

And to be honest, if you’re inclined to argue with me about that, then chances are you’re probably not quite ready to hear the rest of what I have to say. Which is fair enough, come on back when you are ready.

But if you understand and agree with that statement, let’s take a quick look at the four top reasons why you likely don’t yet have an Online Presence.


It doesn’t need to cost you thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars and you don’t need to hire people to do it for you. I’m not going to tell you that it’s “free” because it’s not. But it IS affordable in a way that you can grow into it. Now, technically, you can actually get the components of an Online Presence setup for ZERO dollars. BUT if you knew how to do that, then you wouldn’t be here. So at very least you’ll need about $100 to take my Stage 1 training – but I start you out with all free tools. If you’re super adventurous, you can also grab my FREE BluePrint below and give it a spin, free might actually work for you. Yes there are tools that you can pay for and may even want to pay for, but you don’t have to start with them if you don’t want to.


Technology and the Internet are constantly changing, which is probably part of why you think you don’t have the skill. But the plus side is that the tools continue to get better and easier to use. The truth is that if you know how to compose an email, attach a picture to it, and send it to the right person – you have all the necessary skills. What you need now is a Guide. Because at the end of the day, setting up the components of an Online Presence is really nothing more than a series of clicks and typing. You simply need to know what to click or type and when, followed by having access to some support for when things don’t actually do what you expect them to do. If you’re not a mechanic and your car breaks down, what do you do? Get help.


The reality is that we all lack a certain amount of patience at certain times. However, have you ever noticed how you’ve got all the patience in the world for something you REALLY want and are passionate about? Well this tells us something super important – if you have the right mindset, then you’ll have the patience. Technology causes frustration primarily because of certain expectations and a lack of support. Which is why I set the stage for the expectations early on and I’m completely accessible for the support you need. Having the patience to learn something new is a choice. Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed during the process is a sign of trying to run before you can walk. If you don’t have patience it’s because you don’t want to.


Can we be completely honest here? We MAKE time for the things that are important to us. Everyone is busy, we’ve all got a bazillion things to get done and we all wish there was more time in a day. Yet we somehow manage to find time when we really need to or want to. Another question is how much time are you truly wasting? Finding enough time to do the things that we want to do and need to do is a matter of prioritization and planning. Building, Using and Growing your Online Presence is not something that is going to eat up hours upon hours of every day for the next year or more. Not even for the next month or week. In fact it’s something that you can schedule for as little as 15 minutes per day or per week if you want.

What do we do and how will that help you?

First and foremost, we train people.

We teach you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, why to do it, where to do it, and who to do it for. 

But as you can imagine, and may have already experienced, the digital landscape is kind of massive – which in itself creates overwhelm and puts us into a bit of a pickle. Because…

If we were to detail out everything that we can do and help you with and teach, right off the bat we’d be adding to your overwhelm – which would be kind of counterproductive to the whole point of what we do.

So, the better option is if you can tell us more about you. What you’re looking for. What you’d like to have and do. What you think you’re supposed to have and do. What things you know about (we’ll figure out what you don’t know by what you leave out). Tell us about your business, where is it currently at, what are your goals? Or maybe you’re an author – what do you write, how many books do you have, do you self-publish, do you want an agent?

Do you have a budget to work with?

The better picture you can paint us about you and your goals in general, the better positioned we’ll be to let you know what the best starter options are for you.

However, you can be assured that we’ve got you covered on every possible angle of an Online Presence that you can even begin to imagine, and probably then some.

You can also be assured that I am absolutely adamant that people start with the basics. I’m not going to build your palace for you and before we even talk to each other, I already know that you’re not capable of starting out with a palace on your own. Therefore, I’m not going to be suggesting more than you’re capable of starting with.

But here’s the cool part, you can paint me your picture, ask me questions, get my recommendations – and then make the decision for yourself. There’s no obligation or costs involved. Because again, let’s be real… if a customer asks you a question about your business or your book(s) are you going to charge them for the answer? Probably not. (But hey if you do, I’m happy to charge for my answers too!) Otherwise, like any other normal business out there, I’d like to earn your trust and loyalty.

This is an important journey and it’s not something you should jump into blindly.

No fancy forms or email capture, lead magnet setup or anything here for this one.

Simply send an email to:


And tell us your story.

We’ll reply in detail with the options we feel are the best fit based on the picture you paint for us.

That’s it. No obligation.

OR – dive right in to our Free Resources…Eliminate the fear, frustration andoverwhelm of tech once and for all!

Get your Online Presence setup and working for you!

Tanya Jones-Thibodeau

I’m please to meet you and introduce myself a bit more formally. My name is Tanya and my passion is helping people. Twenty-five years ago I was helping people learn how to play the piano – today I’m helping people learn how to play with their computers. I work primarily with raw beginners and those just getting going. I guide you step by step in setting up your online presence so you are excited to share it with the world. I’ve led an enjoyably varied life over the years and am happy to share some of my highlights with you – but I promise not to go on forever about how wonderful I am (you can find that out for yourself).

In addition to being heavily involved in technology from many angles, I own a digital media publication (online newspaper) called the Gateway Gazette which I started with my mom, Pam, back in 2004. I’m also a published author of YA/Fantasy and absolutely love the world of authors that this side of my life has opened me up to. To confess, it was a desire to help fellow authors that was one of the primary influences behind me pursuing this line of training. The other primary influence was the many local, small businesses who have turned to me for help over the years.

Many people want and expect to see a string of impressive credentials when someone is positioned as an expert. However, I’m extremely proud to share with you that I’m completely self taught in all things technology. Meaning that I don’t have a 25 year old, outdated degree in computer science. I have current, live, hands on experience that has grown and developed over the last 25 years through online courses, tutorials, trial and error, and sometimes just getting lucky. I have 25+ years of real life, business experience in teaching, technology, writing, real estate appraisals, horsemanship, music, marketing and publishing. All of this combined has given me the know how, insight, passion, and desire to help others through teaching useful application of technology in a way that will be most impactful and achievable in their life.

I’m the techie who speaks non-techie!

Pamela Dykes-Jones

Pam is my sidekick (and mom) and makes sure that I stay on task. She also tests each new concept presented. Pam has a strong background in business (but she’d probably give me heck if I told you EXACTLY how many years that is… let’s just say it’s A LOT).

She’s a wonderful and brilliant lady who instilled in me a very real and wise truth:

A computerized system is only as good as the manual system that it’s based on.

Lifelong reminders of this is what keeps everything I do well grounded and makes sure that the tech I teach is done so in a way that HELPS my students in real life – not create more work and frustration.

Just like you, Pam is NOT techie!

Pam is fondly known as my Guinea Pig!

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