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are practical, implementation workshops designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to DO what you need to do.

You know that feeling you get when something important to you finally comes together? The gratification that comes with accomplishment?

That is exactly the experience our students and clients have over and over. 

The next live workshop that we’re offering in our Get Going Online With Ease series is: for Beginners

Chances are, if you’ve found your way to this page, then you’ve already answered the question of “Do I need a website?” 

So the next question becomes “Can I really build my own?”  

The answer is YES! 

And by the end of this workshop you will have actually built a real website

– and one that you can continue to use.

Registration currently closed

We’re in the process of looking at our Fall line-up and additional locations.

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Workshop Outline

During this workshop you’ll create your first, starter website from scratch. You’ll be guided through step-by-step, with clear, simple instructions. You’ll have hands-on support for any questions you may have. You’ll have access to the lessons after the workshop. You’ll receive a Website Planner Workbook prior to the workshop and a next steps outline following the workshop. 

What this workshop will cover:

  • vs (aka: self-hosted)
  • Why learning to create a website is the right choice
  • Create a Account
  • Log in and out
  • Activate a Theme
  • Homepage Setup
  • Uploading and Editing Images
  • Header Image and Homepage Image
  • Header Text and Logo
  • Homepage Welcome Message
  • Homepage Blog Posts
  • Create Additional Pages
  • Menu Updates
  • Sidebar and Widgets
  • Content Topics
  • Creating Posts – Overview
  • Creating Posts – Text Editor
  • Creating Posts – Adding Images
  • Creating Posts – Adding Videos & Audio
  • Creating Posts – Adding a Form
  • Creating Posts – Post Settings
  • Creating Posts – Blog Posts Page
  • Add Additional Site
  • Change your Theme

This workshop caters to beginners – you do NOT need to understand what a single term in the above outline means to be successful with this workshop.  Ideally, it would be best if you’re at least a little bit familiar with a computer and can open an Internet browser. This isn’t a workshop about how to use a computer, it’s about how to build a website.

Other than the workshop fee, there will be no required, additional costs for building this website, or for the continued use of the website you build at this time.

To be fair, you’re embarking on a journey of website creation – as you learn, grow, and expand, you’ll find yourself wanting to advance and improve your website. At that point, there will always be paid features and tools for you to consider. But all expenses, when it comes to website creation, are optional, and there are ways to make informed decisions to prevent unnecessary spending. Which we’re able to guide you through should you choose to continue with our workshop series.

About the Instructor


I’m the teacher, the coach, the mentor. I’m techie, and geeky, and live technology in pretty much every way possible. I embrace new challenges and every day learn something new about technology.

Twenty-five years ago I was helping people learn how to play the piano – today I’m helping people learn how to play the computer.

About the Assistant-Guinea Pig


Pam is my sidekick (and mom) and makes sure that I stay on task. She also tests each new concept presented. Pam has a strong background in business and is a wonderful and brilliant lady who instilled in me a very real and wise truth:

A computerized system is only as good 

as the manual system that it’s based on.

Just like you, Pam is NOT techie!  Pam is also fondly known as my Guinea Pig! Having been exactly where you are now, Pam has a great deal of empathy for what you’re up against.

Registration is currently closed

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