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It’s a techie jungle out there

There is so much information out there, free and paid, talking about building an email list, getting more traction with Facebook, getting more customers, making more money, how to do it fast and so on. But let’s face it, if you don’t have a website with an email collection system, content, lead magnets, social media […]

Being Intentional Meets Technology

What is being intentional? Why does it matter? And how can being intentional help our life & business endeavours? Definition / Take Action / Hare & Tortoise / Business / Authors / Technology / Implementation Being intentional comes in many forms, shapes and sizes; and has incredibly large benefits. It’s a concept that can be […]

Memberships and Online Courses – where to start

By far the most common question I get asked, and that I see being asked, in groups is “what tools should I be using to setup my site for a membership or online courses”. This is a very deep conversation simply because there are so many variables to consider and there are many great tools […]

What you need to know to get started with Facebook

What you need to know to get started with Facebook Facebook has nearly 2 billion active users… can any of them find you? Who am I and why do I feel qualified to teach you how to get started with Facebook? My name is Tanya Jones-Thibodeau and like you, I have NO formal training on […]

Insider tips on how to build your unique, free website

Insider tips on how to build your unique, free website Nearly 50% of small businesses in North America don’t have a website. WHY? The reasons are mostly based around limiting beliefs: I can’t do it myself; I don’t have the time; I don’t have the skill; It’s confusing; I don’t know where to start; It’s […]

What does it mean to be tech savvy?

[Tweet “Being tech savvy is far less about the technology than you may realize.”] Being tech savvy is far less about the technology than you may realize. In reality there are some intrinsic qualities that most tech savvy people typically have, but they are also more common qualities than you might think. It really has […]


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